Arcona Property Fund N.V.

Launched in 2003 and listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, this regulated investment vehicle provides access to the property markets of the vibrant economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Focusing on high-yielding regional office and retail investments, the diversified portfolio currently holds 3 assets in Czech Republic, 2 in Slovakia, 11 in Poland, 2 in Ukraine, 2 in Romania and 1 in Bulgaria with a total volume of ca. € 90 million.

Middle Europe Opportunity Fund III

A regulated closed-ended private equity fund created in 2007 to invest in real estate opportunities and corporate holdings across Central and Eastern Europe with a current volume of ca. € 13 million.

MEI-Czech Offices II CV / Arcona Capital Central European Properties

Structured in 2008 as a Dutch closed-end fund and investing through a Czech joint stock company, this entity was created to acquire and manage over 60 properties bought from Telefonica CZ. The assets are distributed across the Czech Republic and the entity has a current volume of ca. € 45 million.

Praha Úvaly CV

A closed-ended fund structured in 2008 to acquire and develop over 60 hectares of zoned residential and industrial land to the east of Prague, Czech Republic.

Lighthouse Mandate

A mandate from private clients to acquire and manage well-leased, high-yielding commercial real estate primarily in the Czech Republic. To date, 15 assets have been acquired with a current volume of over € 175 million. These assets include 10 Albert-anchored hypermarkets and 4 associated retail parks.

AC Vastgoed Nederland C.V. (former Steenwell and Aefides Funds)

A regulated closed-end fund structure now holding 3 commercial properties in the Netherlands. The vehicle was created by Arcona Capital from a portfolio of 12 distressed closed-end funds taken over in 2016 on behalf of ca. 700 private investors. The current estimated value is ca. € 16 million.